Our mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling the people to feel better and live longer.
SK Pharma intends to provide “We See Those Who See for Quality” to the patient by providing effective, safe and economical medicine with better tolerability and improved compliance. It is the intention of our company to grow hand In hand With Our Employees, Sub Distributors and Customers.


Being the leader in health sector, deliver the bests for well-being of the society.


• Manufacturing of quality products and services, “We See for Those Who See for Quality!”
• Production inside the country, it aims to gradually change from importing to manufacturing – a step toward country’s development and self-sufficiency;
• Representing a respectable identity of Afghanistan business by SALAH KAKAR Pharma presence at national and international Level with high business ethics;
• Concentrate on capacity building by developing human resources’ knowledge and skills, while creating opportunities in health various sectors.
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