Board of Directors

Salah Kakar (SK) has been operative in Afghanistan since 2012 with a strong pharmaceutical manufacturing base.Over this period by that has been grace of GOD Almighty, Salah kakar Pharmaceutical has become one of the fast growing pharmaceutical companies in Afghanistan.

I would like to share with you the key reasons for our success, “Confidence and consistency can make a man’s life successful.” We recognize employees as our prime resource and have always focused on the training and development of their professional skills.

A strong work ethic, mutual trust, close teamwork, professionalism and continues endeavor for improvement of quality are some of the other principles of our business operation.

For global competitiveness we shall continue to focus on quality and human resource development aimed at further improving our competency to provide quality innovative health care products. We are confident that Inshallah (GOD Willing) Salah kakar Pharmaceutical shall achieve these objectives with unshaken confidence, professional spirit and dedicated teamwork.

Marketing Director Massage

Salah kakar pharma came into existence in 2012.
The company integrates the plant & head office along with an established network of marketing, sales and distribution at the national level. SK is an WHO-GMP and ISO: 9001:2015 certified company and has the potential to manufacture almost all forms of Drugs which are following:
• Tablets
• Capsules
• Oral Liquids
• Drops
• Ointments
The aim of the company is to produce effective, safe and economical products with better quality and improved compliance.
It is the intention of our company to grow hand in hand along with our employees, customers, distributors and patients by Having a we see those who see for quality from all diseases.
Marketing is a Philosophy of doing business but Salah kakar Pharma believes in marketing by assuming it as customer satisfaction. It is great intention of SK Pharma to produce such products which are really required to our costomers.SK Pharma respect innovation integrity and passion develop a strong association with the customers. Our Marketing department has highly professional, experienced and devoted team of individuals who conduct marketing activities and surveillance to identify changing customer needs, analyze new opportunities and develop efficient stratagies.SK Pharma has thus emerged as an established and credible name across the country.

The broad and effective distribution network of SK ensures availibities of our products throughout the country. We wish and pray that our nation should grow as healthier as possible.